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BVDLABs - The Whitepaper

What is BVDLABs?

What is BVDLABS?

​BVDLABs is a joint cooperation between BVDCATs & CryptoCoders to create unique and innovative tech designed for software-as-a-service.
The CryptoCoders team comes into the core team and creates an extension to the core product, which is responsible for the technical innovations, strategy, and executions of the organization.
BVDLABs introduce an additional 9 team members to the core team, all with one goal in mind, Creating a self-sustaining long-term future for BVDCATs.
The key model behind our SaaS is using BVDCAT to show how our tech can provide direct value to any community of holders. Sales from SaaS deals go directly into supporting the development of new tech and sustaining the value of the $REP token. The objective of BVDLABs is to ensure that the BVDCATs project can survive without royalties and create a self-sustaining project to ensure the survival of the project within the ever-changing meta. Most projects have a very eschewed or transactional relationship with their developers. BVDLabs serves as a surety that BVDCAT will always have a powerful development team ready to innovate and take our community to the next level. If you're bullish on longevity, builders, and a token with a lot of care behind it, you're bullish on BVDCAT & $REP.
Let's dive in!